Brewer Jackson Patel

Where to find the new stuff

Newer pictures of Brewer can be found at the brand new (as of the time I'm writing this) Brewer Blog.

Brewer pictures 2007 April

Help Me Swim

Pool Fun

Pool Tongue

Pool Smiles

After Swim Class

Brewer pictures 2007 Jan Feb

Cauliflower... Ew!

Brewer and Spike

Brewer does battle with Spike

Brewer as Super Ape

Brewer on DinoQuilt

Slide... Confused... What do my parents want from me?

Riding T. Rex


Brewer's trip to Nags Head, NC

Ready For Takeoff

Brewer with Sydney and Jackson

Rebecca and Brewer at North Carolina Aquarium

Brewer with Friends and Turtles

Ya-Yas, Petite Ya-Yas, and Boys
(Nosh notes that boys cannot, in good conscience, be referred to as Petite Ya-Yas.)

Brewer and Spike Return to Georgia

Brewer pictures 8-22 through 9-16

Mother and Child

Happy at Bathtime

A Kiss at Bathtime

Washing Brewer's Hair

Brewer With His Friend, Carter

Taking My Picture Again?

Getting Taller

Smile, Brewer! Smile! Never mind...

UFO Sighting

Flying Bears

Daddy With Brewer

Mommy With Brewer

Brewer With Mary

Rebecca and Brewer with RBA Team (Well, the core, anyway)

Brewer pictures 8-10 through 8-27

Wearing the "I Love My Mommy" Duck Shirt

Nap Time For Two

Sleepy Brewer

Brin Holds the Baby

Snuggle Time

I'm Longer Than You, Bear

Sock On, Sock Off

Er, More Sleeping Brewer

What's That Over There?

It's Pooh! It's Pooh!

Winnie The Pooh (And Brewer, Too)

More stuff as promised... (Ok, so it's been awhile...) Yes, there will be more eventually...

Sleeping Brewer

Click (by Mom)

Click (by Dad)

Dady and Brewer

Rhett's New Friend

Four Generations (Dad's side)

Rebecca and Brewer

Spa Baby

Big Yawn

Sam and Brewer

Previously... (Not much time to post pictures... Very, very sleepy... More to follow in the coming days...)

Imaginary Wine - A Fine Vintage

Cute Little Guy

Nosh and Brewer

Rebecca, Nosh, and Brewer

Four Generations (Mom's side)

Hands - Baby's and Mom's